Why have you made such a large scale rock garden at this time? It is just like Daimyo Garden at the feudal age. Most people who visit here will feel like this, with surprise and unexplainable feeling.

There were no particular reasons. The start of the rock garden was quite simple. In 2002, I happened to acquire a large piece of land, more then 15,000 m2. First, I made a small pond and put some rocks there. I then got many large rocks, totally more than 300 ~ 400 tons, which had been removed for the wanted to run after the dream in my mind. So, I proceeded no expand the garden without hesitation.

I produced everything including planning, designing and rock arrangement in this garden, with my 2-3 assistants. It took a long time to decide on the way to archive my goal. Every day, I would think and think, and sometimes was at a loss which way to choose. The decision was important because once the rocks were placed, they would be in this position in the garden forever, under my name. However, this project was also my energy source. In the course of building the rock garde, I was given much information on the rocks and trees. I visited many places to see rocks and collect them. 10 years have passed from the start.

Rocks themselves have a strong character and power. It was difficult to place one rock correctly and much more difficult to make a good combination and arrangement using several stones. The garden must be a work of art and have harmony, to provide relaxation for the peopel visiting here. Three steps were made to complete each corner, according to the image I had in mind. First, I looked around the corner and shakkei, imagining the rocks and their combinations. Secondly, appropriate rocks were carried to the corner and roughly arraged. Thirdly, I observed them for more than one month, and formed an image of how to assemble the ideal combination of rocks. After this, I arranged the rocks carefully to complete the style of the corner.

A beautiful view of the garden can be seen from the rest house in the centre of the garden. To the left, a waterfall comes down from a hole in a huge natural rock. The water sound is peaceful and breaks the silence of the garden. To the south, several huge rocks are seen. These give depth to the garden. The distant view and surrounding hills have been used as shakkei. A most attractive view is of the three peaks, which can be seen form the rest house. This mountain gives grandness and beautiful scenery to the garden.

Senseki Garden (STONE PARK Yamana) was still under construction at the beggining of 2013. My concern was that the rock garden would be a piece of art. I recognized now that this rock garden is a great achievement of my final hobby, and also give me a forever life.

May, 19, 2013
Producer and Owner of “Stone Park Yamana”
Seizo Yamana